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Web designer @ MSHK
Ex Silicon Valley full-stack developer. Web designer, SEO expert, and co-founder of Media Studio Hong Kong.
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Common Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

While writing content, you can make a lot of mistakes, here are listed the most common mistakes that should be avoided.

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While traditional degrees are common requirements for careers in Hong Kong, there are more flexible educational options available.

To meet the growing demand in the business world, the international scope adapts new forms and methods of education. More and more people are becoming familiar with alternative forms of education, which may lead to more flexible educational requirements in places like Hong Kong.

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Images to Lottie - Convert PNG/JPGs to Lottie Animations Online

Merge multiple images (JPG/PNG) to a single Lottie animation JSON with this quick online tool.

Beginner SEO: 3 Simple Steps to do Keyword Research

3 Simple Steps to do Keyword Research - Beginner SEO Tutorial

So you’ve built a website and now you want to start ranking for keywords. Where should you start? The right answer is keyword research.

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5 Easy Ways on How to Build Backlinks That are High Quality

There’s a reason we put content marketing at the top of our backlink-building priority. Why is having great content on your blog post so important? How does it relate to building backlinks?

A person's hand holding a TV remote pointed towards the TV screen which shows the Taco Bell logo

Taco Bell Subscription: The Subscription Economy in 2022

Taco Bell has recently made an attempt to enter the subscription economy. Let's take this chance to review the subscription economy as a whole.

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What I learned from Interviewing and Interpreting for Tony Leung Chiu-wai

I interviewed and interpreted for Tony Leung Chiu-wai himself on the same day. Here is what I experienced and learned.

We Used to Charge $240 for a Video. Today, we interviewed Tony Leung

We shot an interview of Tony Leung Chiu-wai for GQ's iconic character series to promote Marvel's upcoming movie Shang-Chi!

How Much Does It Costs to Build a Website? Surprisingly, Not Very Much.

A website could cost a hundred to a few thousand Dollars to make. DIY a simple website costs less than you think: little as $700 HKD.