Vivian Luk

Marketing Director @ MSHK
Runner, singer, digital marketer, and entrepreneur. I'm always excited for the future!

What is Product Branding and Why is it Essential in Business?

The only way to become a leader in your niche and increase sales is to build a stable and recognizable brand around it.

5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Your New Secret Weapon

Videos are the next best thing to meeting someone and there are numerous great ways you can leverage them to drive sales

5 Ways to Create the Optimal Customer Experience on Your Website

Waiting is a hassle, we all expect fast-loading sites—anything less isn’t worth the wait in today’s time-critical world.

Vic Wong ‘Three Fitness Trends in 2020’ | Behind The Scenes

Today’s theme is about 3 fitness trends in 2020, which are Total Body Resistance Exercise, HIIT, and Weight training.

7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing

Here are 7 biggest reason why you should invest in digital marketing in 2021.

Two illustrated person sitting on the ground and brainstorming.
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