Allure Regimen ‘Before & After’ | Behind the Scenes

Hello everyone, welcome to the video log! Today we are going to Allure Regimen in Sai Kung again to shoot photos for advertising purposes.

This time we are not shooting promotional video for them, we were doing a"Before & After" photo shooting! This time, Carmen and I took the lead again to experience Ultra 360 and IntraGen Machine. Our legs got slimmer and our dark circles got lighter after the treatment!

I wanted to try again after finishing the treatment last time. This time I really have the opportunity to stay longer for a proper treatment. After finishing, we all felt good and slimmer and the whole process was very comfortable. You are falling asleep while losing weight, which is really amazing.

Because this time it was just taking pictures, so there were no difficulties in the process,the one difficult thing was I need to show my face and my body in front of the camera! It's really embarrassing to let others see my legs and face. But there are a saying: Sacrifice for Art! I hope everyone will like this video log, see you next time!

Bo Leung
Operations Manager @ MSHK

Hi everyone, I am Ah Bo! I'm an Operations Manager at Media Studio! I love photography as much as I like copywriting. At the same time design and illustration is interesting too! I mainly work with the marketing team, but sometimes fill some roles at the video production team, so you could say I'm the fire team of the company! Blog posts and content is also my responsibility, so thank you for supporting!

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