Berlin Optical ‘How do Sports Affect Your Eyes?’ | Behind the Scenes

It's time for our video shooting blog post again! This time we came to Central to film videos for our partner- Berlin Optical to shoot the video.

This is a long-lost blog post of Berlin Optical, but in fact, we have been here many times. A while ago it took about an hour to complete a shooting session, but then after a month of hard work, it took only 30 mins for this session of video shooting! Working with Berlin Optical is really happy,because it goes smoothly every time, and we can see that our cooperation is getting better.

This time the theme is about how eyesight has a great influence on sport activities. If we don’t protect our eyes, we will not be able to exert our best strength during sports. If you want to know more, remember to follow Berlin Optical on YouTube!

After working together for so long, we have also witnessed the change of the client. Jeff, who has been really shy at first, but was influenced by our vitality and starts to become more open and start engaging with us. Look at how happy he is in the picture!

Today's video shooting diary has comes to an end. I believe you may start feeling dull when watching our cooperation. So we will start telling you more about the cuteness and personality of our client after. Remember to pay attention to our blog post! See you next time!

Bo Leung
Operations Manager @ MSHK

Hi everyone, I am Ah Bo! I'm an Operations Manager at Media Studio! I love photography as much as I like copywriting. At the same time design and illustration is interesting too! I mainly work with the marketing team, but sometimes fill some roles at the video production team, so you could say I'm the fire team of the company! Blog posts and content is also my responsibility, so thank you for supporting!

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