Vic Wong ‘Three Fitness Trends in 2020’ | Behind The Scenes

Hello everyone! Welcome to our shooting blog! Today we are going to True Academy again to shoot videos for our client- Vic Wong.

Today’s theme is about 3 fitness trends in 2020, which are Total Body Resistance Exercise, HIIT, and Weight training. It turns out that fitness has a lot of knowledge. And this time the shooting was also very smooth because we have several times of experiences in shooting in this venue, and the understanding between our video crew and the customer is getting better and better, so it was completed quickly.

Today,I have also become their model, doing demonstrations for video shooting. I have done many squats, and my legs hurt! But for the video's sake, it's worth doing a few more. So everyone should continue to pay attention to our blog posts and new videos, our efforts will not be in vain. See you next time!

Vivian Luk
Marketing Director @ MSHK

Runner, singer, digital marketer, and entrepreneur. I'm always excited for the future!

Two illustrated person sitting on the ground and brainstorming.
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