Inch Hair Studio ‘Wavy Hair Treatment' | Behind the Scenes

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our video shooting diary, this time we came to Tsim Sha Tsui to shoot for our partner Inch. Hair Studio, our theme this time-Wavy hair treatment.

This shooting is more complicated because we are shooting the whole process of the treatment this time, we have to shoot a lot of details in the middle, because the host and the vice cameras overlapped, and we accidentally appeared in the mirror!

Since we are a super professional team, we can easily solve the difficulties. Look at the following video to know how powerful our teamwork is. The results are even satisfactory to our Clients.

As for the introduction of Client... we want to keep it a secret this time, and why?Because it is time for you to watch the videos that we produced! Looking forward to our next blog post of Inch. Hair Studio, see you next time!

Bo Leung
Operations Manager @ MSHK

Hi everyone, I am Ah Bo! I'm an Operations Manager at Media Studio! I love photography as much as I like copywriting. At the same time design and illustration is interesting too! I mainly work with the marketing team, but sometimes fill some roles at the video production team, so you could say I'm the fire team of the company! Blog posts and content is also my responsibility, so thank you for supporting!

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