Inch Interior Design YouTube Showcase | Behind the Scenes

The video shooting diary is back(clapping). This time we came to the Yung Shing Court in Fanling to shoot a YouTube video for our partner Inch. Interior Design. If you are interested in interior design, please remember to watch the video below! But don’t worry, it’s not too late to watch the video after watching this log!

It is a show case this time, all the decoration is finished, so it will not be hindered by the furniture, and there will be no other sounds to distract the shooting. It is really the most happy episode for Inch. Interior Design ever.

Wait for me to introduce the designers of Inch. Interior Design. First of all, it's Synthia. I really envy her being so slim. If I can be as thin as she is that will be great. Next it's Zeno. I always wonder why his teeth can be that white! The last is the most beautiful designer -Koko. Every time I see her, I am always attracted by her beauty.

Our video blog post has come to an end this time! If you want to see more of their interior design works, please remember to subscribe to their channels. You can see the three amazing designers as well! Of course, remember to continue to pay attention to our blog posts. Our secrets will only appear in here. I hope everyone likes it. See you next time!

Bo Leung
Operations Manager @ MSHK

Hi everyone, I am Ah Bo! I'm an Operations Manager at Media Studio! I love photography as much as I like copywriting. At the same time design and illustration is interesting too! I mainly work with the marketing team, but sometimes fill some roles at the video production team, so you could say I'm the fire team of the company! Blog posts and content is also my responsibility, so thank you for supporting!

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