Running ‘荔枝角公園’ | Behind The Scenes

Hello everyone, the shooting blog is constantly updated! Today we came to Lai Chi Kok Park to shoot short films for our clients.

Today is another "Running day". We shot around the jogging trail of Lai Chi Kok Park. It turned out that this park is very large, and the small bridge under flowing water in the Lingnan style attracted many people to take photos here. Looking at the flowers and plants while running, it is really comfortable!

In addition to enjoying different views, this shooting actually encountered great difficulties. The heavy rain in the previous day attracted mosquitoes and they keep following us during the shooting, so the photography team could not avoid the crisis of being bitten by them! But as long as you continue to pay attention to our blog posts and videos, everything is worth it, we will see you next time, bye-bye!

Bo Leung
Operations Manager @ MSHK

Hi everyone, I am Ah Bo! I'm an Operations Manager at Media Studio! I love photography as much as I like copywriting. At the same time design and illustration is interesting too! I mainly work with the marketing team, but sometimes fill some roles at the video production team, so you could say I'm the fire team of the company! Blog posts and content is also my responsibility, so thank you for supporting!

Two illustrated person sitting on the ground and brainstorming.
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