Wallace's Gym ‘Upper Chest Exercise' | Behind The Scenes

Hello everyone, welcome to our shooting diary again, today we will continue to return to True Academy to shoot the YouTube channel video for our partner Wallace.

After we got there, we set up the shooting equipment and lights as usual. Basically, all the positions and angles have been marked from the previous days of our experience. The only thing we have to consider is where should add a bit of new elements to the video.

The theme of today ’s video is about three bodybuilding exercises for training the upper chest muscles. Since only me and Director-Grants are present in today ’s team, today ’s shooting process will be relatively simple and flexible.

On the shooting days, we continued to practice the angle shooting and editing skills repeatedly, and today is no exception. Of course, every attempt is better than the past, so every time all shooting days can greatly help us continue to produce more and better videos.

In the end, we’re very satisfied with the experience we learned from the shooting day today. Our experience giving our customer ’s confidence to us at the same time. We also hope that our videos and promotion would be helpful for our client. Hope everyone would keep their eyes on our blog post and video, we will see you next time, bye bye.

Rio Lau
Second Unit @ MSHK

My name is Rio and I love boxing and shooting photos/videos. Capturing the moment is difficult but crucial, and being able to do so brings me joy.

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