Office Hunting 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to our Blog Post. Today we are not going for video shooting, but we are going to Kwun Tong to visit some Office properties. Media Studio has gradually stepped on the track after a while, so we looking forward to get a foothold for our company.

We are here in Kwun Tong today to visit total of five left units , including commercial buildings and factory buildings, and our target is about 300 to 500 feet units.

After we arrived in Kwun Tong, we followed the agent to take us to visit various units. Each unit also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our secretary also keeps all the information in the units low, which is convenient It will be used in future meetings of the company.

Today ’s experience is also more interesting than usual. We’ve visited few unit and learned a lot about the selection of properties. , and we are also very happy that we found the property which is we looking for.

In a conclusion, we have what we got today, and we were happy that we found the unit which is fit with our condition. We will going to continue to visit the units in other offices this week and see you next time in our blog.

Rio Lau
Second Unit @ MSHK

My name is Rio and I love boxing and shooting photos/videos. Capturing the moment is difficult but crucial, and being able to do so brings me joy.

Two illustrated person sitting on the ground and brainstorming.
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