Our First Video: Inch Interior Showcase

Welcome to our very first blog post of Media Studio. I am Rio, the second unit cameraman and today I want to recap our first video shooting day. At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a company, let's get started!

Media Studio is a multi-media production company established in Hong Kong. We are involved in professional photography, marketing, video production, webpage building, etc. And our international team has expertise in many areas, and the most important thing is that every member of our team is full of youthful attitude.

So let's get back to the shooting day. Before shooting each short, we will first take time to figure out and fully understand the guests' requirements and style, and write a script for the them.

When arriving on location, we will do a basic set up, which includes: setting up the photographic equipment, explaining the shooting process to customers, handling the lighting of the shooting location and the arrangement of the scene.

The project this time is an advertising video for an interior design company. Although our shooting team are with fully experience, it is always the first time to formally the cooperate. It takes time and experience to cultivate the chemistry with each other.

In short, this shooting day has made us feel the chemistry between the team, and we are also satisfied with the things learned during the process and will improve with it, so that the coming guest will have a better experience. I hope everyone would likes our blog post, and see you next time.

This time we used a 2-camera setup, with a standing LED light panel for additional lighting. Our finished project for Inch. Interior Design can be viewed here:

Rio Lau
Second Unit @ MSHK

My name is Rio and I love boxing and shooting photos/videos. Capturing the moment is difficult but crucial, and being able to do so brings me joy.

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