PPC Marketing: What Is PPC In Digital Marketing?

PPC(pay-per-click) Marketing, is a form of advertising that can be used to generate leads and sales for a company. It’s been around for years but has grown in popularity as more people use the internet daily.

Sometimes, the terms PPC marketing and SEM (search engine marketing) are used interchangeably by marketers and advertisers, since PPC marketing is the most common and straightforward method of doing digital marketing with search engines.

This article will explain what is PPC Marketing and how it works, its benefits, why it’s so popular, and finally, some tips to help you get started with PPC Marketing.

So what exactly is PPC Marketing and how does it work?

PPC marketing is a type of advertising on the internet where advertisers pay only when someone clicks their advertisement or visits their website from an ad they clicked on. The advertisers pay the search engine every time one of these things happens, which means it’s really easy to find out what works by adjusting your budget accordingly! There are different types of ads you can try too - some are better than others.

PPC ads can take a few different forms: banner ads, text links, or even video ads. You can also find PPC on things like social media and blogs. There are many options you can choose from to get your message out there!

Benefits of PPC Marketing

PPC marketing has many benefits that make it such a popular method of advertising. For example, you only pay when someone clicks or views your ad, so there is no risk! If you think your ad doesn’t work, just stop running it and move on to the next one - there’s no harm done.

Also, PPC marketing is really easy to scale up. If you want to spend more on advertising, just do it! There are tons of options available when it comes to finding ads online, so you can always find an outlet that will work with your budget.

Your ad never goes away either - have you ever seen an advertisement time out? Well, with PPC you can run your ads as long as you want, so they’ll always be there for people to see.

Finally, PPC marketing is a great way to get started with advertising and testing out various messages and designs because it’s so easy to adjust things quickly - just check the results and adjust your ad if necessary.

How to do PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing is easy to get started with and can be done anywhere there’s an internet connection. The first step, of course, is to create a PPC ad that tells people about your product or service. You can search online for examples if you’re not sure what to say - just make sure your ad fits the form and is relevant to your business.

Next, pick a platform that you want to advertise on. You can also find social media sites like Facebook or blogs that might be interested in promoting your website (or even ones that specialize in blogging about your product).

It's worthy of note that, Google Ads is the most commonly used platform for PPC marketing, because duh, almost everyone these days uses Google as their search engine.

So when you're deciding which platform to place your ads on for starters, Google Ads might be your best choice.

Here are some short tips to have a successful campaign on Google Ads:

  • Plan your keywords carefully, they need to be popular and likely to be searched by users.
  • Have a high-quality and good-looking landing page. After a user has clicked your ad and re-directed to your website, if your website is ugly looking, the user would just leave your website without having closer look at it. Which renders that clicked-ad useless. If you need a high-quality landing page created or need a re-design of your current website, you can come to us, our talented web-development team can help you to create a high-quality landing page in no time.

More tips on Google Ads can be found in this article.

However, there are some cases where Google Ads might not be the best platform to do your campaigning. The geographical region could be one factor, take South Korea for example, although Google is still used there, the majority of people in South Korea uses a search engine called "Naver", so if your campaign is targeting people living in South Korea, using Google Ads for your campaign might not be a smart choice.

In conclusion, PPC Marketing is a great way to get your business in front of potential customers, If you haven't already, give it a go. The result might surprise you!

We hope that this article has given you some idea of what PPC marketing is about, if you got any questions, feel free to contact us.

Allen He
Developer @ MSHK

FullStack Developer, SEO editor. WebRTC and JavaScript enthusiast. Love to explore new web technologies.

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