7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing

In the year of 2021, the online market size is simply too big to ignore and not take advantage of, which is the biggest reason why you should invest in digital marketing. Nevertheless, here are 7 more reasons along with tips on how exactly to do it.

1. Digital marketing helps small (or even large) businesses build long-lasting customer relationships.

Unlike many in-store buying experiences, digital marketing doesn’t stop at checkout. It goes beyond to ensure a buying customer becomes the brand’s ambassador.

Some ways digital marketing improves the “traditional” methods of keeping loyal customers are:

  • Digital testimonials from happy customers should be posted on your website and used in social media campaigns as well.
  • Automated but personalized thank you and follow up email campaigns.
  • Engaging customers on social media once they leave your store or buy your product online, to keep your product on their minds and have them come back next time.
  • Re-marketing and re-targeting to have them try out “this other product” that compliments what they already bought.

2. You’ll learn more about your customers’ needs so you can profitably fulfilled them easily.

Effective digital marketing helps small businesses learn the online habits of customers so they can better target ideal customers. It relies on solid market research to inform the next course of action.

3. Digital marketing offers a multichannel approach to boost conversions.

Using digital marketing’s multichannel approach can help you find and engage potential customers wherever they are online and using whichever favourite platform such as social media platforms they prefer.  

4. With digital marketing, small businesses can compete competitively with large businesses—and even, win.

Knowing your target audience and your product “in-depth” usually means more than any fancy tools – especially with the help of digital marketing.

5. Digital marketing is more affordable than traditional marketing.

Many small businesses can’t afford a radio, TV or billboard ad campaign. But many can afford digital marketing techniques to reach out and engage with ideal audiences.

6. Digital marketing offers measurable ROI.

Unlike traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing is not only targeted, but it also offers credible ways to measure what’s working, what’s not, and how so.

That means a small business can easily invest small in online marketing, and see results first, before going all-out and becoming more invested.

7. Your competition is already using digital marketing to spur ahead.

They were planning to use online marketing strategies to win more business in 2019 and beyond – many already are. A logical conclusion would be that most of your competitors are as well.


So, what are you waiting for? 2020 is probably the last digital marketing train you can catch. A small fraction of traditional advertising budget, some free time and a lot of will for learning is all you need to start seeing some positive results.

Vivian Luk
Marketing Director @ MSHK

Runner, singer, digital marketer, and entrepreneur. I'm always excited for the future!

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