Chatbot Development

Automatically reply to customers and capture leads with the help of the Facebook & Website chat automation. For a demo, try using our own chatbot on this page!


Increase sales, reduce costs, and upscale your business

Perhaps the most important part of a chatbot is to share the workload of customer service staff. But there's plenty more to it: Not only can a chatbot answer frequently asked questions. It can funnel customers based on their response, either directing them to different sales page or capture inquiries using chat forms. Chatbots on a website serve as another powerful Call to Action (CTA), which encourage web users to stay on the page and get the help they need.

Engage and convert

Answer FAQs and capture inquiries without hassle

24/7 Availability

Allow users to get answers without waiting

Qualify leads

Engage prospects and redirect warm leads


More than an automatic reply

Did you know that a chatbot can be programmed to reply to Facebook post comments? Not only that, different dialogue could engage based on the user demographic; people who message directly from your Facebook page can get different messages than those who clicked "message now" on a Facebook ad.
Power up your Facebook ads campaign with the help of automation and artificial intelligence.

Automatic Comment Replies

This is the feature you wish you knew about when you had a hundred comments on your post that says "comment to learn more" or "tag 2 friends to enter my giveaway". Interact with your massive following base with a chatbot.

Mass messaging

While you cannot message every person who has ever liked your page, you can message everyone who has messaged your Facebook Page. Take full advantage of this feature by scheduling new promotional announcements and release them periodically to engage and convert users.

Automatic follow-up

Gone are the tedious days of setting a reminder for each customer to follow up. Ease your sales team's workload and automate your sales process by setting up delayed replies days or weeks ahead.

Logic-based Messages

Anyone could tell if you are using canned messages, even the person sending them is a real person! With the help of logic-based messages, you can direct different customers to different funnels based on variables and logic.

A/B Testing

Corporations and popular brands get hundreds or thousands of messages each day, and it could be risky to test a new set of chat rules on all customers. With A/B testing tools implementation, it becomes possible to direct a percentage of those users to a new set of dialog to test its effectiveness or KPIs.

Data Capture and Export

Store data about what each user has said or answered, and export them to a spreadsheet or your data analytics pipeline to study consumer/user behavior of your chatbot.


Practical and professional

Many internationally-known brands (e.g. Addidas, Greenpeace etc) are investing in chatbots for their practical applications. Take advantage of this fact and reinforce your identity as an established and professional business by investing in a chatbot of your own.
Keep an edge in your market by having what others do not have.


Results from our clients


Increased ads returns


Less cost for using call centers


Increased conversion rate

Increased Sales

“Not only did my life became easier without having to respond to messages all day long, the bot actually did better than me in converting leads!”

Jeff Tang, Director

Chatbot Form

“With the help of a chatbot, everyone who messages us on Facebook need to answer a few questions, essentially filling a form. We reply much more effectively knowing the intent of the customer.”

Zeno Chan, Founder & Interior Designer

How to Get Started


First meeting

Schedule a meeting or phone call with our sales team to get a clear understanding of your business needs


Get a quote

Our billing team sends one or more quotations based on the contents of the meeting


We develop

Our development team works on the chatbot dialog design and conversation flow based on the information you provide, which may include scripts, existing conversations, qualification forms, etc


Test and implement

We partially implement the bot to your Facebook Page and website for testing and improvement, to catch unexpected cases and review KPIs.

So, what are we waiting for?

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