Best Luxury Color Palettes for Web Design

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The colors you use can either engage your customers or turn them away. This is why it's essential to know what color palettes work best for your design and what colors should be avoided.

Here are some of our favorite luxury color palettes for your website, but before we reveal them, here are what you should consider when picking a color:

  1. Consider the colors used in the site's logo and branding,  as these colors should be used throughout the website.
  2. Your color palette should complement your brand and website's style.
  3. Choose colors that work together well, if you're not sure what color to choose, use a color wheel to help you find colors that work well together. Check out Adobe Color Wheel, it's commonly used by many web design professionals.
  4. Make sure there's enough contrast between light and dark shades, so that some of the colors aren't lost in translation, and your content highlight will be visible to your visitors.
  5. Think about the emotions of the brand and use color to evoke those emotions and create an overall tone for the website
  6. Test out different color combinations, use your imagination. You never know what color combinations will work well for your particular case until you try it out!

Now that we know what to look for when choosing a color palette, let's take a look at some of our favorite luxury color schemes for web design.

1. Navy Blue and Gray

This color palette is perfect for luxury brands that want to evoke a feeling of classical elegance. The navy blue and gray work together to create a sophisticated and elegant feel.

Site example:

2. Dark Leather Brown and Gold

Black and gold are slightly overused, so we replaced black with a dark brown to give a unique twist to this color palette. Browns and golds give a feeling of luxury and wealth, making this color palette perfect for high-end brands.

Site example:

3. Dark Green and Orange

In color symbolism, dark green evokes feelings of calm and growth. It's been shown to reduce stress levels and help those who have attention deficit disorders. Dark green is also associated with some strong negative emotions, so use with caution.

Orange is a color that evokes a feeling of warmth and joy. It can be used to signify sexiness or help convey a sense of luxury. If you're going the route of using orange on your website, pair it with a color such as green that helps create a relaxed tone.

Site example:

4. Maroon and Salmon

When it comes to color palettes, maroon and salmon are often overlooked. However, when used together they can create a luxurious and elegant website design. The maroon provides a sense of sophistication while the salmon creates a warm and inviting feeling.

Site example:

5. Beige and Gold

When it comes to color palettes, beige and gold are often overlooked. However, when used together they can create a luxurious and elegant website design. The beige provides a sense of sophistication while the gold adds a touch of elegance.

Site example:

6. Silver and Coquelicot

Silver and coquelicot is a color palette that can be tricky to work with. It's challenging to find the perfect color balance with this color scheme because it has so many pale colors. The best color choices with this color scheme are gold and black, but the color choices will depend on what you're trying to convey through your design.

Site example:

7.Umber and Cultured

Umber and cultured are color choices that can help give your website a unique color scheme. These color options create a color scheme that is dark but also warm.

Site example:


If you want to generate your own luxury color palette, try out Coolors to get started, they got a variety of color palettes to choose from.

Need a touch of inspiration? Head out to CSS Design Awards to look at some of the award-winning websites designed by professional web designers.

We hope these color palettes inspire your own website design or help when choosing colors to use on your site. If any of these color combos seem like they would work well with what you're trying to create, let us know and we can walk through how to make it happen!

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