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Beginner SEO: 3 Simple Steps to do Keyword Research

3 Simple Steps to do Keyword Research - Beginner SEO Tutorial

So you’ve built a website and now you want to start ranking for keywords. Where should you start? The right answer is keyword research.

Screens that display the YouTube logo and the YouTube Shorts logo

6 Reasons to Add YouTube Shorts to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

With YouTube being a massive content giant and having billions of users, YouTube Shorts are definitely worth exploring to be used as another digital marketing tool.

backlink building graphics render

5 Easy Ways on How to Build Backlinks That are High Quality

There’s a reason we put content marketing at the top of our backlink-building priority. Why is having great content on your blog post so important? How does it relate to building backlinks?

SEO scrabble letters

Learn the Foundations of Market Research as Part of Your Career Change Into Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer, you probably think that market research isn’t your job but the duty of a data scientist or analyst instead. However, having this skill puts you a step above everyone else

7-Steps Webflow Tutorial for Beginners

Webflow is also the go-to choice for our team to create effective landing pages and beautiful web design very quickly. That's why we created this tutorial for those interested in learning Webflow!

Should You Still Use TV Commercials for Marketing?

Why are businesses are still spending millions of dollars on TV advertising? TV commercials can still be very effective when used correctly.

Two illustrated person sitting on the ground and brainstorming.
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Tips for Hiring a Reliable Video Production Service Company

There are so many video production service companies to choose from, how can you be sure that you're making the right decision?

Everything You Need To Know About Shooting A Commercial Video

A commercial video can be very powerful for your digital marekting campaign. The key is to have all the fundamentals down pat before getting started!

Audio and Video Production For Promoting Your Business

Are you looking to promote your business? This article will discuss how Audio and Video production can become your secret weapon for your digital marketing strategy.

A person's hand holding a TV remote pointed towards the TV screen which shows the Taco Bell logo

Taco Bell Subscription: The Subscription Economy in 2022

Taco Bell has recently made an attempt to enter the subscription economy. Let's take this chance to review the subscription economy as a whole.

4 Biggest Reasons to Never Use WordPress Again

4 Biggest Reasons to Never Use WordPress Again

If your client or boss insist on using WordPress, send them this article. If you are considering using WordPress in your next project or are a current WordPress user, please keep and open mind and read on.

SEO vs SEM: What's the difference and which should I use?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often confused with search engine marketing (SEM). The two are not interchangeable despite their overlapping nature.