4 color palette matching website every graphics designer should know

4 color palette matching website every graphics designer should know

Color is one of the main aspects of graphic design. Making sure your colors match can be a difficult and time-consuming task. There are however a few websites that can help make this process much easier.

Nippon Color


A collection of 250 traditional Japanese aesthetic colors.

The website page lists the color codes of RGB and CM for copying and use.





Has a collection of over 2000 color palette schemes.

Can store, search, and share color matching information.

Click on the favorite color to view the related color combination directly.





An online color palette generator that can automatically generate color palettes for you, it has a huge collection of beautiful color schemes from many reputable designers.

The interface is simple and easy to operate. The website will automatically match the colors according to the designer's preference. It is a tool that can be used without understanding color matching skills and color theory. It can generate color schemes with up to five color combinations at most. You can easily come up with new color palettes.

Can export color scheme to PNG color swatch map or web page.



Brand Colors


Has a collection of color schemes of major brands around the world, in alphabetical order, or manually search




If you are a graphic designer, these websites will be very helpful to you in your work. Try them out and see which one is your favorite!

Check out some luxury color palettes in web design.

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