4 Biggest Reasons to Never Use WordPress Again

4 Biggest Reasons to Never Use WordPress Again

If your client or boss insist on using WordPress, send them this article. If you are considering using WordPress in your next project or are a current WordPress user, please keep and open mind and read on.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system originally created as a blog publishing system. Nowadays it supports other web content such as forums, online stores and membership sites. The reason it is so popular is because it is free, this allows content creators to save money while still publishing content. Another reason is because of its massive selection of plugins, which allows the user to add almost any kind of function to their website. However, as great as it may sound, WordPress may do your business more harm than good. In this article we will explore why you shouldn't use WordPress to publish your website. 

Main reasons NOT to use WordPress

1. WordPress is low-performance 

WordPress is great for its wide array of plugins. However, its biggest strength is also its greatest weakness. Since WordPress is open-source and most plugins are developed by individuals, many times bugs might not be fixed and may oftentimes cause conflict with other themes or plugins. Furthermore, adding plugins will slow your website down even more.

While it’s true that WordPress can be optimized to perform quickly by an experienced individual, it’s still an extra step that requires extra resources which can be avoided by using more modern tools.

2. Costly and lengthy development time

In our opinion, creating a website with WordPress is a slow and painful process compared to using something like Wix, Webflow, or Shopify. It takes us 2-4 weeks to create an average no-code site, but 2-3 months to create a WordPress website with the same set of requirements. Lengthy development time also means costly development.

3. Constant updates 

WordPress is renowned for its constant updates to bring new features and functions to users. However, these constant updates will often cause your website to stop working. The reason is because many open-source plugins may not work with the updated version of WordPress and vice-versa. You will find yourself spending a lot of time trying to repair your website every update. 

Some people may choose to avoid the hassle of resolving conflicts between plugins during every update by simply not updating, but this opens your website up for the next issue:

4. Vulnerability to hacking 

WordPress has thousands of plugins to choose from, however these plugins are not made by security experts and vulnerabilities in these plugins can be exploited by hackers. If a hacker finds a vulnerability before a patch is released, everyone who installed the plugin is at risk.

Being the most popular CMS in the world, WordPress is the target for a lot of hacking groups. From their perspective, the sheer volume alone provides ample incentives for them to learn how to attack vulnerable WordPress sites first. This is also why WordPress itself and many plugins update almost weekly.


Despite these very critical flaws, an overwhelming majority of people still choose to use WordPress. In our opinion, most of these reasons are not well-founded. Here are some reasons why people still use WordPress and what we have to say about them. 

Bad reasons to use WordPress

1. It's easy to use 

That is the biggest lie anyone can tell you. WordPress is hard to use and takes time to learn, especially when you want to integrate plugins to your website.

First off, the backend has way too many options, some of which can completely cripple your site if set incorrectly. 

Additionally, installing WordPress is not trivial, although many hosting providers made it easy by offering WordPress hosting and one-click WordPress install services.

As previously mentioned, there are constant updates and conflicts between plugins. Many of these problems require technical knowledge to repair and are definitely not easily fixable by a novice user. 

2. Cheaper hosting 

Some small businesses choose WordPress because of its lower monthly cost when it comes to hosting.

While this is true, they could end up losing more resources on repairing, maintaining, and developing the website. Not to mention that other CMS (content management system), such as Wix have free hosting plans as well. And they are more stable and more easy to use. 

3. Better SEO 

There isn't sufficient evidence to suggest that WordPress websites are inherently more SEO friendly. Moreover, other CMS also have novice SEO tools and functions and even advanced SEO settings for websites

4. More themes to choose from 

While WordPress does have more than 11,000 themes to choose from, most CMS such as (Webflow or Wix) have more than enough theme options for regular businesses to choose from. With minimal customization, the average user will not be able to recognize a theme.

In addition, they even have better UI and are more user-friendly across the board for easier theme customization. 


However, there are still some valid reasons why one might use WordPress. Let's talk about them now. 

Actual good reasons to maybe consider WordPress

1. Sale of restricted products 

Many website builders have guidelines for selling restricted products on their websites (such as chemicals, pharmaceutical products) however, since WordPress is open-source, one can sell whatever product they want on their website. This is a great way for companies that produce or distribute sensitive items to sell their products. 

2. Complicated web applications 

Many CMS have a lot of functions and plugins to choose from, but only a few, including WordPress, are open-source. Which means if you want to build your own custom web application, WordPress could be your best option. Although I kind of doubt the average non-software business could benefit from a complicated web-based solution. If you are unsure which tools may solve your problems, please feel free to schedule a consulation call with us!

3. Old or custom payment gateways 

Custom or old payment gateways (or any gateway that isn't common) are not available on other website builders, so if you have a custom payment gateway that you'd like to use, WordPress is your friend. It should be noted however, that Shopify and Wix accept crypto payment gateways now.

4. Old customer base 

The last reason is if your WordPress website is very popular and you have many registered users. Getting everybody to register again on a new website might be even harder than repairing your website after every update. Although, it may still be worth it because maintenance costs and the risk of your site going down due to a plugin conflict or attack may add up significantly over time.


Final words

In conclusion, we think that WordPress is not a good option for the vast majority of users out there. For most users, especially novice users, other website building platforms provide a much better solution and do not come with as much, or any of the drawbacks. We recommend Webflow or Wix for static websites. You can check out our respective guides here and here. Or Shopify for e-commerce sites. You can check out our guide here.

Alaric Yim
Entrepreneur and Web Designer @ TH Business Innovations

Alaric is an aspiring entrepreneur and web designer currently building his career and pursing an postgraduate education. In his spare time, he loves to game, read and do a variety of different passion projects.

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