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What sets us apart from average digital marketing agencies

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Reach your target audience

Our digital agency is a young digital marketing specialist who is in touch with the marketing landscape. We take the latest trends in digital marketing and use tried-and-tested marketing strategies to achieve success.

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Young and dynamic team

Beyond an advertising agency, we have a passion for what we do, and we are equally interested in our client's businesses as if we were a business partner. This is why we're so successful at helping clients grow.

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Dedicated project manager

We start by listening to your goals and challenges, then we develop an online marketing strategy that achieves success. We keep you updated through consistent communication and report.

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Mixed marketing strategy

We're skilled in implementing full-scale digital marketing campaigns that may include influencer marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. We also do data analysis, video production, and website design in-house.

Experience success like never before with effective digital marketing Hong Kong

Working with our digital marketing agency is always a fast-paced and enjoyable experience. Our content marketing team is young, dynamic, and passionate about helping businesses grow, which makes working with us a breeze. Plus, we always make sure to keep you updated, so you never have to worry about anything.

98+ glowing reviews on Google Maps and Facebook

I never thought my insurance team can grow this much! Highly recommend Media Studio Hong Kong for all digital marketing strategy, web design, sem, seo requirements. I was referred to them by a friend who said they were young and energetic; not only are they so but also experts in their field! 11/10

Leo Mak

We’re going to work with Media Studio on our new Boxing Gym project! They will be managing our Social Media Content, website Google SEO, and Digital Marketing strategy. Extremely excited, they’re very efficient and friendly!

Lennon Tsoi

Amazing experience working with this digital marketing agency. Professional social media service, efficient, good vibes. My ig page @brain_onthegains got around 900 followers in 9-10 days working with this company!!!

Brian Chuk

We are thankful to Media Studio for working with us on the Children-U project! They have an energetic and efficient digital marketing team. Our Instagram and Facebook Page grew so much thanks to their digital marketing services. Their social media posts and ads content are well designed for our target audiences. I would definitely recommend them for other projects in our company.

Elaine Ng

An unforgettable experience meeting this energetic and optimistic digital marketing agency! Great video production, website design, Facebook management, and YouTube SEO. Our interior design company has been working with Media Studio Hong Kong for over a year now!

Koko Tam

Hope That Addressed Your Concern

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Could these be your concerns?

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1. How are you different than other Hong Kong digital marketing agencies?

Two main things:

Firstly, we do almost everything in-house and tailor each marketing campaign to the company we work with. Unlike the average digital marketing agency in Hong Kong, we don't pitch the same idea using a slightly modified deck to 10 different companies, then outsource most work to a range of third-party vendors. The reason why our digital marketing plans usually run very smoothly within expectation is that we like to keep things under our control as much as possible. To achieve that, we keep a video production crew, storyboard artists, graphic designers, website designers, data analysts, e-commerce experts, Facebook/Google ads gurus, SEO/SEM specialists, content writers... we have an all-rounded team capable of executing the most complicated and creative digital marketing campaigns hands-on.

Secondly, our digital marketing team is young and energetic. We somehow have yet to be jaded by the cold, harsh world, so we are deeply driven by helping businesses and brands grow. This also allows us to go beyond the rigid marketing formulas and thinking that ordinary Hong Kong digital marketing agencies use. The market in Hong Kong is shifting. It welcomes new ideas and values creativity and punishes people who are unwilling to change. This has, fortunately, made our jobs much easier.

2. How do I check the progress of my digital marketing campaign? What are the KPIs and can you guarantee them?

It depends. We provide a monthly report and engage in regular strategy calls with all our clients, but different clients may expect different KPIs. For just a simple ads campaign, there are already wildly different metrics to track depending on your marketing goals: If you want to be more visible, your outreach ads campaign may care more about reach, follow, and page likes; if you want to make more sales, your sales ads campaign may be more focused on actual sales (please note that we can only track this if you have a website and Facebook Pixel is linked to it).

For larger-scale digital marketing campaigns, the objective may vary even more. This is why the objectives and the potential results must be discussed before launch.

In most cases, we can project the KPIs based on the marketing approach and budget provided with our digital marketing experience, but there are no guarantees as ads prices update daily. A PPC ads click could cost HK$2 today and cost HK$20 tomorrow. This fluctuates even more during the holiday season. What we can guarantee are our work ethic and quality.

3. Can you reply to our customers for us?

Unfortunately, this isn't something we can do due to liability reasons.

However, both Facebook and Instagram offer ways to easily set up an automatic response to provide quick customer service even outside of office hours. We are more than happy to help you set one up should you not have the availability to reply to each inquiry throughout the day. This is especially important for e-commerce websites and Instagram accounts, as potential customers are likely to give up purchasing if their issue cannot be solved immediately.

Customers in Hong Kong value efficiency, so it should be a top priority for Hong Kong businesses to lower their response time.

4. Should I go all-in on digital marketing instead of offline marketing?

We do not advocate entirely replacing each offline strategy with a digital marketing strategy. Different businesses and brands may experience different effects even with the same approach.

We, however, do think that an online presence is a must and digital marketing is a necessity, especially in Hong Kong. Your business cannot afford to be invisible in the internet era, and digital marketing is still cheaper than its traditional counterpart.

5. Can you help me find talents or KOLs? Can I bring my own promoter?

Absolutely! Either way is fine since a digital marketing strategy can be created on actual case-by-case needs.

Should you need an influencer to promote your brand, we have a list of mini-KOLs with 1k to 10k followers, major YouTube and Instagram personalities such as WHIZOO and Manner, and then we have contacts in TVB and ViuTV for larger campaigns in Hong Kong.

6. Can you promote out of Hong Kong/to China/Internationally?

Yes. Our digital marketing agency has helped clients in Canada, the USA, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and China do digital marketing promotions. While our agency only has offices in Hong Kong, our digital marketing understanding spans across the world. We understand local targeting and what cultures/customs may affect the way we execute marketing services. We also successfully ran international SEO/SEM and advertising campaigns for a range of clients.

7. Do you do offline marketing?

In some cases when it makes sense in the scope of the entire campaign. For example, we ran a promotional campaign for Fubon Bank which included printed materials, event planning, and print advertising. We've also arranged a corporate training/team building event for Manulife with Rex "The Wonder Kid" Tso and used the footage to run Facebook video ads for recruitment purposes.

8. Do you do search engine marketing and SEO?

Yes. It should be noted that a business must have a business website or an e-commerce website for an effective search engine promotion. The main result that SEO or Google Ads delivers is website clicks. Without a website, SEO becomes unfeasible, which is why our Hong Kong digital marketing agency also offers web design services in addition to SEO servicees.

Not only is having a website beneficial to your business's image, but it is also vital to any digital marketing strategies that your business may have. But if a website is not searchable on Google, it might as well not exist. Our website design agency can create world-class web design with SEO content so your website can generate measurable revenue for your business.

Start a stellar digital marketing campaign with Media Studio Hong Kong

Given the huge role that digital marketing plays in today’s world, it is absolutely vital for any business to have a clear strategy for digital marketing. If you need help planning and executing these principles, our agency is ready and waiting to partner with you.

Are you ready to drown in sales?

Start a stellar digital marketing campaign with Media Studio Hong Kong

Given the huge role that digital marketing plays in today’s world, it is absolutely vital for any business to have a clear strategy for digital marketing. If you need help planning and executing these principles, our agency is ready and waiting to partner with you.

Are you ready to drown in sales?

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