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Common Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

While writing content, you can make a lot of mistakes, here are listed the most common mistakes that should be avoided.

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While traditional degrees are common requirements for careers in Hong Kong, there are more flexible educational options available.

To meet the growing demand in the business world, the international scope adapts new forms and methods of education. More and more people are becoming familiar with alternative forms of education, which may lead to more flexible educational requirements in places like Hong Kong.

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Images to Lottie - Convert PNG/JPGs to Lottie Animations Online

Merge multiple images (JPG/PNG) to a single Lottie animation JSON with this quick online tool.

4 color palette matching website every graphics designer should know

4 color palette matching website every graphics designer should know

Color is one of the main aspects of graphic design. Making sure your colors match can be a difficult and time-consuming task. There are however a few websites that can help make this process much easier.

10 Netflix documentaries about design we loved

10 Netflix documentaries about design we loved

We are going to introduce 10 inspiring documentaries on Netflix related to design so that designers like you can watch Netflix documentaries and get inspired!

Beginner SEO: 3 Simple Steps to do Keyword Research

3 Simple Steps to do Keyword Research - Beginner SEO Tutorial

So you’ve built a website and now you want to start ranking for keywords. Where should you start? The right answer is keyword research.

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Everything You Need To Know About Shooting A Commercial Video

A commercial video can be very powerful for your digital marekting campaign. The key is to have all the fundamentals down pat before getting started!

Audio and Video Production For Promoting Your Business

Are you looking to promote your business? This article will discuss how Audio and Video production can become your secret weapon for your digital marketing strategy.

A person's hand holding a TV remote pointed towards the TV screen which shows the Taco Bell logo

Taco Bell Subscription: The Subscription Economy in 2022

Taco Bell has recently made an attempt to enter the subscription economy. Let's take this chance to review the subscription economy as a whole.

4 Biggest Reasons to Never Use WordPress Again

4 Biggest Reasons to Never Use WordPress Again

If your client or boss insist on using WordPress, send them this article. If you are considering using WordPress in your next project or are a current WordPress user, please keep and open mind and read on.

SEO vs SEM: What's the difference and which should I use?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often confused with search engine marketing (SEM). The two are not interchangeable despite their overlapping nature.

How To Have The Best Linkedin Photos To Promote Yourself

You want your profile to attract potential recruiters, so having a good profile photo is important. Here are some tips to improve your LinkedIn profile picture photo to make the best impression.